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What to Expect with Adoption and Fostering...

 How to Prepare Yourself and Family...

How to Find Your True Identity

How to Find Your Biological Family...

How to Reclaim Your Voice...

How to Be a Positive Force for Good...

How to Recognize and Heal from Your Trauma...

and much more


Latest Episode

Leslie Mackinnon, featured in Ann Fessler's book, The Girls Who Went Away, shares her traumatic experience of giving up her child at the height of 1960's stigma and shame culture around unwed pregnancy and how she was able to heal and reunite with her biological family.

   The Show

Living in Adoptionland is the podcast I wish I had before I started on my journey more than 20 years ago.


I explore the world of adoption from positive stories to stories about heartbreak, trauma and sometimes even a lifetime of hidden pain. 


There are more than 500k kids in the foster care system today waiting to find a home, while infertility rates are at their highest in history….Not to mention, the pain of a child or parent’s search for biological family —only to discover they don’t want to be found.


We'll also talk about DNA science that is coming for your family secrets….the complexities, controversy and casualties in the multi-billion dollar unregulated business of babies.

This is me (Bryan) age 9


Show Creator


Bryan is a writer, director and producer living  in Southern California with his wife, 4 children (2 married, 1 in college and 1 at home) and two dogs.


Adopted at birth under very unorthodox circumstances, Bryan has been in reunion -- 50% amazing and wonderful | 50% train wreck -- with his biological family for about 5 years.


Our mission via the podcast  is to bring all constellations of Adoptionland to the table to talk and listen to each other in order to facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas and stories --even when we may disagree.


We believe this approach has the best potential to educate and unite...mend hearts and minds...update antiquated laws...restore human rights and more, for the purpose of helping others on their journey to heal and live happier lives.

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Bryan Elliott

Executive Producer & Host

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